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Forked River, New Jersey, area patients struggling with the discomfort and pain of the head and jaw might be diagnosed with a condition such as TMJ/TMD, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition is the malfunction of the jaw joint that can result in a wide range of problems. If you seek jaw pain relief and potentially TMJ headache treatment, speak with our Forked River TMJ dentist at All About Smiles Dentistry for your first step toward comfort!

Signs & Symtpoms of TMJ Disorder

Below are a few of the more common symptoms that are seen in patients with this condition:

Clenching and grinding of the teeth

Inability to open the mouth or lose it due to locked jaw

Poor bite alignment

Headaches and migraines

Scalp or hair that is painful to the touch/sensitive

Pain from the head down through the neck and shoulders

Dizziness (vertigo)

Pain in and around the jaw and cheek area

Sore, painful muscles and nerves around the jaw and neck

Shoulder aches and backaches

Oral Appliance for TMJ In Mouth To Sleep

What is the best TMJ/TMD Treatment?

Treatment will be based off of a focused assessment. Dependent on what the individual is struggling with will determine which way we go with treatment. A very successful treatment option for many of the issues that come with TMJ/TMD pain is utilizing oral appliances. We encourage patients to learn about the benefits of using oral appliance therapy to achieve the relief they deserve. Oral appliances, often custom-made for the patient, are worn at night to reduce stress on the jaw joint. The oral appliance can reposition the jaw and align the bite to address tension and problems such as bruxism that often coincides with TMJ/TMD conditions

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Where Should I Go For TMJ Treatment?

Drs. LouAnn Van Liew and Deborah Hoover of All About Smiles Dentistry, are committed to helping patients with conditions such as TMJ headache treatment and jaw pain relief with oral appliance therapy. If you are ready to work with a Forked River TMJ doctor in the community to address your condition, call our practice today at (609) 242-3567. We are open to new and existing patients and are conveniently located at 710 Lacey Road.

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