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One of the most common dental issues is cavities. Cavities, also known as tooth decay, negatively impact the health of your smile. The primary treatment for cavities is dental fillings. Here at All About Smiles Dentistry, we focus on both the health and appearance of the smile, so we use all-white composite fillings to treat cavities. So if you believe you have a cavity but don't want unsightly metal in your mouth, reach out to our team for all-white dental fillings in Forked River.

All White Tooth Colored Filling

What is in White Dental Fillings?

White dental fillings are comprised of composite materials. Composite fillings provide both durability and resistance to fractures. The benefit of these tooth-colored restorations is that they are difficult to discern within the smile, especially when compared to silver amalgam fillings, metal fillings, or other dark-colored restorations used to repair a natural tooth. White fillings for cavities are highly desirable for their seamless integration into a smile, safety, and efficiency.

Are White Dental Fillings Safe?

Silver amalgam fillings, are comprised of mercury, a toxic substance. These silver amalgam fillings have been known to cause patients issues. While the ADA has deemed them safe, our Forked River dentist has decided not to use them and only opt for white composite fillings. With composite resin fillings, patients can rest easy, knowing that their restoration contains no mercury.

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Why Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Biocompatible for the smile

Long-lasting, providing years of sealing

Protective against bacteria entering into the tooth

Appropriate for small to mid-sized areas of tooth decay

Further strengthened with the placement of a dental crown

Unable to expand and contract with temperature changes as silver amalgam fillings do

Affordable and often covered by dental insurance plans

Placed in a single dental appointment

Comfortable to place, requiring minimal anaesthetics for preparation and placement

Aesthetic, blending in with the patient’s smile

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