Why do you need crowns for dental implants?

Replacing missing teeth needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid various issues, including shifting teeth or lost bone. For many patients who visit All About Smiles Dentistry in Forked River, New Jersey, Drs. LouAnn Van Liew and Deborah Hoover may recommend solutions such as a dental implant covered with a dental crown. This method of replacing a single tooth has many benefits, making it a highly desirable option for patients.

What is an implant crown?

An implant crown is a particular type of dental crown made to fit over the abutment of a dental implant. The implant itself is formed of titanium and placed in the bone of the jaw. Without a dental crown, it appears as a metal post in the smile. The implant crown is made of porcelain and placed over the implant to replace a single tooth.

Do you need a crown after an implant is placed?

Dental implants can be restored in many different ways. Dental crowns are just one way. Other options for restoring a dental implant include the placement of a dental bridge. Dental bridges have false teeth fused to dental crowns to create a restoration that “bridges the gap.” Patients without healthy adjacent teeth to support a bridge may place an implant on one or both sides to function as an anchor. Additionally, some patients will have customized dentures made to fit over several implants along the dental arch to replace all the teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

How long do implant crowns last?

With proper care, many patients can expect their implant crown to last a decade or more. They can be easily replaced by a dental professional if cracked or lost.

Learn more about implant-supported crowns today!

Dental crowns and implants are a great way to replace a single tooth within the smile. If you are looking to learn more about implant crowns, contact Drs. LouAnn Van Liew and Deborah Hoover by calling (609) 891-3637 to schedule an appointment. Our team of professionals at All About Smiles Dentistry in Forked River, NJ, can evaluate you to determine if implants and crowns are best for you!

Before And After Actual Results Of Dental Crowns

Single Tooth Crown Before And After Actual Results Near Me In Forked River Area