Ask about dentures and partials for replacing missing teeth

Forked River, New Jersey area patients who are missing multiple teeth may be curious about the appropriate solutions for their unique situations. One or several teeth missing from the smile is more than a cosmetic issue—it can also affect the health and function of the smile. Your favourite foods might be harder to chew and digest, and you may find yourself hiding your mouth when laughing and socializing with others. It is essential that patients replace teeth as soon as they are lost or extracted to maintain a healthy and functioning smile. Drs. LouAnn Van Liew and Deborah Hoover of All About Smiles Dentistry can help with full and partial dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are restorations used to replace missing teeth. These artificial teeth look natural when placed. Full dentures restore all the teeth in the dental arch as upper or lower dentures, and partials replace one or more teeth throughout the arch using a removable restoration.

Can you eat with dentures?

The primary goal of dentures is to repair the smile so you can eat and speak properly. Patients love that they can appreciate their favourite foods again by replacing missing teeth with dentures, implants, or bridges. All these options are available for patients and are discussed during an evaluation with our team.

How long does it take to get dentures?

The timeframe for dentures varies depending on various factors, including preparation for dentures, the types of dentures being obtained, and the patient’s current smile situation. Preparation may require teeth to be extracted before creating impressions for complete dentures. We encourage patients to ask these questions during their assessment.

Educate yourself further on full dentures and partial dentures

At All About Smiles Dentistry, our team of professionals works with patients to help them choose solutions that meet their needs. Forked River, NJ area patients can request an appointment at the practice by calling (609) 891-3637 and visiting the office at 615 Lacey Road, Suite #5. New and current patients are welcome to learn more about general and advanced cosmetic dentistry solutions available at our state-of-the-art dental facility.